Lamp Repair Is Not A Rocket Science!

Lamp repair Omaha has never been a big deal for Myers Electric. We have expertise in all kinds of lamp repairing and electric devices. It is not a difficult task to do all you need is some specialized skill. The steps involved in this procedure are not even complex but simple. All you need is just some tips in order to successfully achieve your target. You must know the various types of lamps because it is not necessary that if a method of repairing implies on one, will necessary be applied on other. Therefore you must also know how to differentiate the various types. Moreover, you must also handle the things with great care and instructions should never be overlooked.

What we offer?

Valuable services from Myers Electric include the following:

·         Repair broken lamp parts:

We assist our customers by repairing the lamp parts. If any of your lamp part is broken or damaged then we are here to provide you new parts for the broken lamp. The thing that must be consider is that the lamp parts provided are American made which means that they are of good quality and reliable.

·         Rewiring:

One of the major issues that people face with relevance to lamp is the wiring problem. At times it happens that wiring is very old and you need to rewire it. We can also rewire the lamps and the fixtures too in order to eliminate the old and faulty wiring.

·         Low voltage repairs:

We prefer doing the repair at low voltage because low voltage involves fewer risks whereas if repairing is done in high voltages then there are more chances of damages. Hence, we prefer to remain at the safe side.

·         Repairing of touch lamp:

Repairing of the touch lamp is not as simple as you think because the structure and the way touch lamp works is quite different. The reason behind it is that touch lamp uses sensors and you on or off the lamp by your hand. In order to repair a touch lamp you must dissemble the parts because fixing the new ones will not work in this case.  

Less time consuming:

Our services are less time consuming. We try our level best to repair your lamps with the time duration of twenty four hours. There are also some lamps which can also be repaired at the same day. We ensure our customer to provided facilitation at each possible level so that they do not have to face any difficulty while dealing with such issues.

Basic types of lamps:

The basic types of lamps include the following:

1.      Incandescent lamps.

2.      Tungsten halogen.

3.      Fluorescent lamps.

Incandescent lamp:

Only these lamps are not very expensive when it comes to installation but they are expensive when they run. Because these lamps are frequently switched on and off therefore they are used so much. They are the oldest type of lamps. The light produced in such lamps is by the melting of thin wire which is of metal at a considerable high temperature.

Tips for repairing a lamp:

Here are some tips that will help you while repairing a lamp:

Removal of the socket shell:

Removing a socket shell can be at times problematic for you. You must consider it while doing this. As you know that the socket of metal is marked with press. In order to open it applies pressure between the cap and the shell by the use of a screw driver. By doing so you will notice that the cap gets loose and can easily be opened. Lamp repair Omaha uses advanced techniques and tricks.  

UL loop:

UL knot or loop must be used in every type of lamp repair because it is easier to mast. The knot is the source of holding the cord into the socket. That is why there will be no stress on connections to the socket terminals.  There are some sockets which have high and quick connection but we do not recommend that one because they also become the source of failure in most of the times. There are some lamps which have no UL loop but there is nothing to worry because you can fix it while repairing the lamp.

Other loops:

It is good for the quality of lamp if you induce some other knots too in the lamp. It is a kind of protection in the case if the wire of the cord pulls out of the lamp. We put the knot into the base of the lamp the reason is that if someone tries to pull out the cord the pressure will be on knot rather than on lamp.

Modern plugs:

Modern plugs are now polarized that are used for matching polarized terminals. They are getting common day by day. They are highly recommended because they provide the right current.

Modern sockets and wires:

Modern sockets and wires are also polarized. They are the source through which the electricity flows with complete security. In other words polarized sockets and wires provide you with more security and involve fewer risks. The modern lamp interior has the screw of nickel and brass.

Direction of the wire:

Keeping everything tidy is very necessary. We try our best to use such techniques that will reduce the wire conflict in the socket.  It is important to bend the wires in such a way that they are directional in clock wise position.

 Socket insulators:

Each and every lamp has a cardboard socket insulator either old or new. With the passage of time the insulators of the lamp break down. This situation is very risky and can become alarming. Therefore in this case you need to change the insulators immediately.


Swivels are those parts which are movable. They can help you adjust the direction of the light without changing the base of the lamp. Swivels are basically very common. They come in different sizes and even shapes. Two common types of swivel are butterfly knob swivel and pole lamp swivel. Lamp repair in Omaha uses all kind of new skills and ways that can help their clients and facilitate them.

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